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Soybean Growth, Development and Diagnostics (CD-AY-4) is the first resource to bring together so many powerful tools in one package. The CD sections described below will help soybean producers and crop professionals make well-informed economic choices and refine their management skills.

Identify Unknown Problem from Symptoms This CD can help you diagnose crop problems even when you’re not sure what’s causing damage. An easy-to-use diagnostic key identifies problems by matching your crop’s symptoms to clear photos. The CD then shows you how to manage the impact of your field’s problem. See demonstration.Diseases Soybean rust, brown stem rot, and soybean mosaic virus are among the 31 diseases covered on the CD. Videos and detailed photos help you diagnose problems, while management strategies offer practical solutions.Herbicide Injury Understand how to manage and lessen potential crop injury from a wide variety of commercial herbicides, like glyphosate and sulfonamide. Insects Identify and learn how to control 25 insect species that affect soybeans, including soybean aphids and spider mites. Photos and videos show insects in different life stages so they can be identified easily in the field. See demonstration.Nematodes Learn to recognize soybean cyst, root knot, sting, and other nematodes. Then discover practical ways to manage their impact. Nutrient Deficiency Correctly identify and manage a range of nutrient deficiencies, including phosphorus, potassium, and other deficiencies.Other Damage Diagnose and manage the effects of many other potential soybean problems, like lightning strikes and deer grazing.Growth and Development A thorough knowledge of crop growth and development prepares growers to better recognize and manage crop stress conditions. Develop that knowledge through detailed photographs, time-lapse movies, and in-field panoramas that capture details of soybean growth stages throughout the season. See demonstration.Quizzes Customized quizzes provide a learning environment for those who want to sharpen their diagnostic skills.Management Tools This section helps you make important and timely crop decisions with tools like a stand assessment/population calculator and yield estimator. Get access to up-to-date information about changing herbicide names and modes of action with a live Internet connection.The History of Soybeans This section offers an intriguing look back at soybean production and use, and looks forward to emerging soybean uses in value-added products like biodiesel and soy crayons. See demonstration.

Below are samples of some CD features. The CD offers instant access to a full range of multimedia tools. Note: These Internet demonstrations are much slower and have fewer functions than the CD. On the demonstrations below, non-functional controls appear grayed-out and text panels are only partially visible.

Click here to view a demonstration of a sample insect problem.


Click here to view a demonstration of how the CD identifies unknown problems from symptoms.


Click here to view a demonstration of a time-lapse video showing flower to seed development.

Click here to view a demonstration of the CD’s Growth and Development section.

Click here to view a demonstration of the History of Soybeans section.

Minimum computer hardware needed:

> Pentium-based PC or compatible computer
> 128 MB of RAM
> Dual-speed (2X) CD-ROM drive
> Video display card that supports thousands of colors (16 bit)
> Sound card and speakers (or headphones)
> Display monitor (or projection unit) that displays thousands of colors (640 X 480 or greater pixels)

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