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Save $25 when you buy the complete Purdue Crop Management CD Series. If purchased separately, the four-disk set of diagnostic tools costs $100. Buy them together and pay just $75. The four disc series is CD-AY-51.

Follow the links below to learn about other titles in the Purdue Crop Management CD Series or to purchase individual CDs from MDC.

Corn Growth, Development and Diagnostics: Germination to Knee High (CD-AY-1A)


Corn Growth, Development and Diagnostics: Knee High to Maturity


Broadleaf Weed Seedling Identification


Minimum computer hardware needed:

> Pentium-based PC or compatible computer
> 128 MB of RAM
> Dual-speed (2X) CD-ROM drive
> Video display card that supports thousands of colors (16 bit)
> Sound card and speakers (or headphones)
> Display monitor (or projection unit) that displays thousands of colors (640 X 480 or greater pixels)

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