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(a)  Refereed Publications in Scientific Journals

Lifetime count: Approximately 75 (only those since 1993 are listed below) 

Roth, J.A., I.A. Ciampitti, and T.J. Vyn. 2013. Physiological evaluations of recent drought-tolerant maize hybrids at varying management-imposed stress levels. Agron. J. (First Look Articles (April 30, 2013; in press); doi:10.2134/agronj/2013.0066. PDF

Ciampitti, I.A., T.S. Murrell, J. Camberato, and T. Vyn. 2013. Maize nutrient accumulation and partitioning in response to plant density and nitrogen rate: 1. Macronutrients.  Agron. J. 105:783-795. doi: 10.2134/agronj2012.0467. PDF

Ciampitti, I.A., and T.J. Vyn. 2013. Grain nitrogen sources over time in maize: a review. Crop Sci. 53: 366-377.

Seo, J., T.J. Vyn, A. Gal, and D.R. Smith. 2012. Soil greenhouse gas emissions from three decades long-term experimental field of corn-soybean rotation and tillage treatments. Korean J. Crop Science 57(1): 89-97.

Robles, M. I.A. Ciampitti, and T.J. Vyn. 2012. Responses of maize hybrids to twin-row spatial arrangement at multiple plant densities. Agron. J. 104:1747-1756. doi:10.2134/agronj2012.0231.

Ciampitti, I. A., H. Hao, P. Friedemann, and T.J. Vyn. 2012. Potential physiological frameworks for mid-season field phenotyping of final plant N uptake, N use efficiency and grain yield in maize. Crop Science 52: 2728-2742.

Ciampitti, I.A., and T.J. Vyn. 2012. Physiological perspectives of changes over time in maize yield dependency on nitrogen uptake and associated nitrogen efficiencies: A review. Field Crops Res. 133: 48-67.

Ciampitti, Ignacio A., and Tony J. Vyn. 2011. A comprehensive study of plant density consequences on nitrogen uptake dynamics of maize plants from vegetative to reproductive stages. Field Crops Res.

Omonode, R.A., A. Gl, D.R. Smith and T.J. Vyn*. 2010.  Nitrous Oxide Fluxes in Corn Following Three Decades of Tillage and Rotation Treatments. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 75.

Griffin, T.W.; Dobbins, C.L.; Florax, R.J.G.M.; Lowenberg-DeBoer, J.M.; Vyn, T.J. 2010. Spatial Analysis of Precision Agriculture Data: Role for Extension. J. National Assoc. Agric. Agents (on-line).

Boomsma, C.R., J.B. Santini, T.D. West, J.C. Brewer, L.M. McIntyre, and T. J. Vyn., 2010. Maize grain yield responses to plant height variability resulting from crop rotation and tillage system in a long-term experiment. Soil Tillage Res. 106:227-240. 

Gonzalo, M., J.B. Holland, T.J. Vyn and L.M. McIntyre. 2009. Direct mapping of density response in a population of B73 Mo17 recombinant inbred lines of maize (Zea Mays L.) Heredity 140.

Boomsma, C.R., J.B. Santini, M. Tollenaar, and T.J. Vyn. 2009. Maize morpho-physiological responses to intense crowding and low nitrogen availability: An analysis and review. Agron. J. 101: 1426-1452 Open Access

Westphal, A., L.J. Xing, R. Pillsbury and T.J. Vyn. 2009. Effect of tillage intensity on population densities of Heterodera glycines in intensive soybean production systems. Field Crops Research.

Griffin, T.W., C.L. Dobbins, T.J. Vyn, R.J.G.M. Florax, J.M. Lowenberg-DeBoer. 2008. Spatial analysis of yield monitor data: case studies of on-farm trials and farm management decision making. Precision Agriculture DOI 10.1007/s11119-008-9072-2.

Boomsma, C.R., and T.J. Vyn. 2008. Maize drought tolerance:  Potential improvements through arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis? Field Crops Research 108:  14-31. 

Creech, J. E., A. Westphal, V. R. Ferris, J. Faghihi, T. J. Vyn, J. B. Santini, and W. G. Johnson*. 2008.  Influence of winter annual weed management and crop rotation on soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines) and winter annual weeds. Weed Sci. 56:103-111. (ARP manuscript no. 2007-18154).

M. Gonzalo, T. J. Vyn, J. B. Holland & L. M. McIntyre. 2007.  Mapping reciprocal effects and interactions with plant density stress in Zea mays L. Heredity 2007 99: 14-30; advance online publication, May 2, 2007; 10.1038/sj.hdy.6800955.

Gl, A., T.J. Vyn, E. Michli, E.J. Kladivko, and W.W. McFee. 2007.  Soil carbon and nitrogen accumulation with long-term no-till versus moldboard plowing overestimated with tilled-zone sampling depths.  Soil Tillage Research. 96:42-51.

Omonode, R.A., T.J. Vyn, D.R. Smith, P. Hegymegi, and A. Gal.  2007.  Soil carbon dioxide and methane fluxes from long-term tillage systems in continuous corn and corn-soybean rotations.  Soil and Tillage Research. 95:182-195.  

Janovicek, K. J., W. Deen, T. J. Vyn. 2006.  Soybean response to zone tillage, twin-row planting, and row spacing.  Agron. J. 98:800:807 

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Omonode, R.A., and T.J. Vyn. 2006. Spatial dependence and relationships of electrical conductivity to soil organic matter, phosphorus and potassium, Soil Science 171(3):223-238

Yin, Xinhua and T.J. Vyn.  2005. Relationships of isoflavone, oil, and protein in seed with yield of soybean. Agron. J. 97:1314-1321

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X. Yin and T.J. Vyn.  2004.  Residual effects of potassium placement in conservation-till corn on subsequent no-till soybean.  Soil and Tillage Research Journal 75:151-159. 

Yin, X., and T. J. Vyn.  2003. Previous corn row effects on potassium nutrition and yield of subsequent no-till soybean.  J. Plant Nutrition 26 (7):1383-1402.

Drury, C.F., C.S. Tan, W.D. Reynolds, T.W. Welacky, S.E. Weaver, A.S. Hammill, and T.J.Vyn.  2003.  Impacts of zone tillage and red clover on corn performance and soil physical quality.  Agron. J. 67:867-877. 

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(b) Refereed Conference Proceedings

Christopher R. Boomsma and Tony J. Vyn, "Per-plant eco-physiological responses of maize to varied nitrogen availability at low and high plant densities" (July 7, 2009).  The Proceedings of the International Plant Nutrition Colloquium XVI. Paper 1233.
Also available at:  

Lyon, D., S. Bruce, T. Vyn and G. Peterson.  2004.  Achievements and Future Challenges in Conservation Tillage.  Invited Symposium Presentation (2.2) in Proceedings, 4th International Crop Science Congress, 26 Sept. 1 Oct., 2004, Brisbane, Australia.

(c) Non-refereed Conference Proceedings

Kovacs, P., G.E. Van Scoyoc, T.A. Doerge, J.J. Camberato, and T.J. Vyn. 2012. Consequences of shallow NH3 placement and timing on N use efficiencies in corn production. Proceedings, 42nd North Central Extension-Industry Soil Fertility Conference, Des Moines, Iowa. November 14-15, 2012. Pages 183-189.

Kovacs, P., and T.J. Vyn. 2011. “Corn plant uniformity following shallow NH3 placement in precision-guided, pre-plant nitrogen applications”. Proceedings, 41st North Central Extension-Industry Soil Fertility Conference, Des Moines, Iowa. November 16-17, 2011.  Pages 181-187.

Boomsma, C.R., Santini, J.B., Vyn, T.J.  2009. Maize plant competition in high plant density, high yield environments. 2009 American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) 64th Annual Corn & Sorghum Seed Research Conference and 39th Annual Soybean Seed Research Conference; Chicago, Illinois.

Tony J. Vyn and Terry D. West, 2009.  Efficient Fluid Fertilizer Management for Corn Producers with Automatic Guidance Systems: Three Year Summary, Proceedings CD, 2009 Fluid Form sponsored by the Fluid Fertilizer

Vyn, T. J., 2008.  Tillage and fertility aspects of root zones optimization for corn.  Proceedings, Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference, January, 2008. Pages 70-74.

Boomsma, C.R., M. Canepa, and T.J. Vyn. 2007.  Factors affecting the relative benefit of deep-banding versus broadcast application of P and K for corn and soybean.  Proceedings, North Central Extension-Industry Soil Fertility Conference 2007 in Des Moines, Iowa. Vol. 23, pages 55-63.

Vyn, Tony J., R.A. Omonode, D.R. Smith, A. Gal, and P. Hegymegi.  2006.  Soil sequestration and gas emissions of carbon after 3 decades of tillage systems for corn and soybean production in Indiana. Proceedings CD for the 17th International Soil Tillage Research Organization Conference, Kiel Germany, August 28 to Sept. 3, 2006.

Boomsma, C., T.J. Vyn, J.C. Brewer, J. Santini, and T.D. West.  2006.  Corn Yield Responses to Plant Height Variability Resulting from Tillage and Crop Rotation Systems in a Long-term Experiment.  In CD-ROM Proceedings, International Soil Tillage Research Organization Conference.  Kiel, Germany, Aug. 30 Sept. 4.

Ball, B., and T.J. Vyn.  2003.  Spatial response of maize to conservation tillage and potassium placement of variable soils, in CD of Proceedings, 16th International Soil Tillage Research Conference, Brisbane, Australia, July 10-14, 2003.
Available at:

Vyn, T.J., T.D. West, and G.C. Steinhardt.  2000.  Corn and soybean response to tillage and rotation systems on a dark prairie soil: 25 year review. No. 196 (p. 1-10) in Proceedings, 15th Conf. of Int'l. Soil Tillage Research Org., July 2-6, 2000. Fort Worth, Texas.
Available at:

Gehring, D.A., G.C. Steinhardt, E.J. Kladivko, T.D. West, T.J. Vyn, and G.L. Willoughby.  2000.  Soil physical property response to tillage and rotation on a dark prairie soil. No. 178 (p. 1-10) in Proceedings, 15th Conf. of Int'l. Soil Tillage Research Org., July 2-6, 2000. Fort Worth, Texas.

Hooker, D.C., and T.J. Vyn.  2000. Critical soil factors affecting early corn growth and yield in conservation tillage: A multi-variable approach. No. 82(p. 1-10) in Proceedings, 15th Conf. of Int'l. Soil Tillage Research Org., July 2-6, 2000. Fort Worth, Texas.

Arends, M.J., T.J. Vyn, and T.D. West. 2000. Feasibility of fall zone tillage for maize production. No. 9 (p. 1-9) in Proceedings, 15th Conf. of Int'l. Soil Tillage Research Org., July 2-6, 2000. Fort Worth, Texas.

Vyn, T.J.  1999.  Potassium placement in conservation tillage: Cropping system considerations. Pages 82-87 in Proceedings of 29th North Central Extension-Industry Soil Fertility Conference, St. Louis, Missouri, Nov. 17-18.

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Hooker, D.C. and T.J. Vyn.  1994.  Alternative weed control strategies with conservation tillage systems in soybeans.  Pages 977-982 in Proceedings of 13th Conference of Int'l Soil Tillage Research Organization (v. II), Aalborg, Denmark, July 24-29.

Stewart, G.A., T.J. Vyn and K.J. Janovicek.  1994.  Assessment of soil changes with no-till planter options in corn production.  Pages 1289-1294 in Proceedings of 13th International Soil Tillage Research Organization Conference (v. II), Aalborg, Denmark, July 24-29.

(d) Other Research Publications

Examples of other research publications are the following:

Yin, X., and T.J. Vyn.  2005.  Critical leaf potassium is higher in no-till soybean. Better Crops 89 (2):1-5.

Yin, X., and T.J. Vyn.  2005.  High soybean yield can mean higher concentrations of isoflavones. Better Crops 89 (4):13-15.

Vyn, T.J., B. Ball, D. Maier, and S.M. Brouder.  2002.  High Oil Corn Yield and Quality Responses to Fertilizer K
         versus Exchangeable K on Variable Soils Better Crops 86 (4): 16-21,

Xinhua Yin and Tony J. Vyn.  2002.  Residual impacts of previous corn rows on Potassium Nutrition of No-till Narrow Row
         Soybeans. Better Crops 86 (3): 16-19. 

Vyn, T.J.  2001.  Nutrient placement and high yield management in corn. InfoAg 2001 Conference Proceedings,
Aug. 7-9, Indianapolis, IN. 

Vyn, T.J.  2000.  Tillage systems for corn and potassium placement: Cropping systems considerations. Pages 47-54 in Proceedings, 2000 Crop Management Workshops in Indiana.

Bruulsema, T.W. C.J. Jackson, I. Rajcan, and T.J. Vyn.  2000.  Functional food components: A role for potassium. Better Crops with Plant Food. 84(27:6-7).

Vyn, T.J., K.J. Janovicek, and T.W. Bruulsema.  1999.  Banded potash boosts no-till corn yield (Ontario). Better Crops with Plant Food 83(3)8-9.

Vyn, T. J., and C.J. Swanton.  1997.  Determining the factors responsible for, and methods to overcome, the limitations of conservation cropping systems on clay soils. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada COESA Report No.: Res/Farm 004/97.     

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