Recent Rotation Extension Articles:

Reflections on Relative No-till Performance in Drought Years. Vyn, Tony J., Terry D. West and Peter Kovacs. 2012.
Purdue Pest & Crop Newsletter 2012, Issue 16.

Vyn, Tony J.  2006. Meeting the Ethanol Demand: Consequences and Compromises Associated with more Corn on Corn in Indiana.  Purdue Extension 1D-336.

Rethinking Rotations : Less Soybean and More Corn in the Corn-Belt?  Vyn, Tony J.  2004.  Pages 7-9 in Pest and Crop Newsletter No. 26 (Oct. 22, 2004), Purdue University.

Rotation Considerations When Planting is Delayed

Seven Agronomic Reasons Not to Switch from Corn to Soybeans (2002)

Agronomic Reasons Abound for Not Shucking Corn (2002)

Crops Stressed Out by Infrequent and Inadequate Rain (2002)

Keep on Planting For Now Says Purdue Agronomist (2002)

Too Wet to Plant Corn, Then Play by the Rules (2002)

Fertilizing Corn Can Wait, Planting Crop Can't (2002)

Specialist: Eastern Belt Corn Producers to be Sidedressing (2002)

Sidedressing Anhydrous May be Best Route This Year, Says Purdue Expert (2002)

Winter Wheat Decisions 2001. 1. Rotation benefits resulting from winter wheat.  Vyn, Tony J. 2001. 
Purdue Crop Pest Newsletter, Aug. 31.

Soybeans After Soybeans in 2001 (04-13-01)

Wheat and Red Clover Increases Corn Yield (1998)

A Good Crop Rotation (1998)

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