Recent Tillage Extension Articles:

Tillage Considerations for Delayed Planting of Corn in a Wet Spring. 2011. – (Tony J. Vyn) Pest and Crop Newsletter Issue 4 (April 29, 2011).

“Farmers should expect stormy, cooler planting season”. Keith Robinson, Purdue Ag Communications. April 11, 2011.

Purdue Press Release (Dec. 21, 2010). No-till, rotation can limit greenhouse gas emissions from farm fields.

Vyn, T.J.  2010. The future path for conservation tillage in corn. 

Vyn, T. J., and T. West. 2009.  GPS-guided systems open new management options for corn producers. Fluid Journal v. 17 (3), Issue # 65.  

Spring Tillage Options in a Wet Spring, comments from Tony Vyn 4-13-2009. 

Vyn, T.J., and T.D. West. 2008. Conventional tillage not required, but crop rotation still beneficial, for high corn yields in 2008.  Pest and Crop Newsletter (Purdue University) 26: 3-4.

Vyn, T.J. and T.D. West.  2008.  Efficient fluid fertilizer management for corn producers with automatic guidance systems: year two.  Fluid Fertilizer Foundation Conference Proceedings (Feb. 17-19, 2008) Volume 25

Vyn, Tony J., 2008. Tillage and fertility placement aspects of root zone optimization for corn.  Pages 70-74 in Proceedings of 2008 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, (Jan. 9-10, 2008).

Vyn, T. J. 2007.  Tillage and planting options for unintended corn following winter wheat cover.  Department memo on April 11, 2007.

Boomsma, C.R., and T.J. Vyn.  2007. Plant-to-Plant Uniformity is Essential for Optimum Yield in No-Till Continuous Corn.  Purdue Extension AY-329-W. 

CropLife Meister Media. 2007.  Strip tillage eases corn-on-corn concerns.  CropLife.  

Vyn, Tony J.  2006. Meeting the Ethanol Demand: Consequences and Compromises Associated with more Corn on Corn in Indiana.  Purdue Extension 1D-336.

Vyn, T.J., T.D. West and P. Walker.  2006. Agronomic impacts of strip tillage and new reduced tillage systems in corn production.  Final Report to Pioneer Hi-Bred Crop Management Research Awards Program for 2003-2005

Tillage options can get farmers out of a rut.  Recommendations for spring tillage after a wet fall.  Ag Answers ID=4357 (December 1, 2006)

No-till and Strip-till Corn Shines in 2005.

Lyon, D., S. Bruce, T. Vyn and G. Peterson.  2004.  Achievements and Future Challenges in Conservation Tillage.  Invited Symposium Presentation (2.2) in Proceedings, 4th International Crop Science Congress, 26 Sept. – 1 Oct., 2004, Brisbane, Australia

“Fumed over no-till yields?  ‘Revenge’ won’t be sweet”  Ag Answers, March 16, 2004 available at

“Don’t take out poor no-till performance on your soil”  Successful Farming Agriculture On-line (March 16, 2004) available at

Strip Tillage Lays Groundwork for Spring Planting (Ag Answers, Oct. 28, 2003)

Strip Tillage Gains Ground and Planting Flexibility for Corn Producers (Pest and Crop Newsletter, October, 2003 -- pp. 7-9)

Storms Shouldn't Rain on Farmers' Planting Parade (Ag Answers, May 9, 2003)

Potassium Placement: What's New for Soybeans and Corn in Conservation Tillage Systems?  (Tony J. Vyn, Proceedings, Southwest Indiana Crop Seminar, Jasper, Indiana, Purdue Extension CES-348, p. 27-30, March 5, 2003)

High Oil Corn Yield and Quality Responses to Fertilizer K versus Exchangeable K on Variable Soils (Better Crops 86 (4): 16-21, 2002)

Soil Compaction Not Always Grounds for Deep Tillage (Oct. 4, 2002)

One Pass Tillage Systems for Corn and Soybeans on Loam Soils in Indiana (Agronomy Department extension bulletin, May 2002)

Ten Tillage Rules in a Wet Spring (AgWeb News, April 30, 2002)

Tillage Options for Corn in a Wet Spring (Pest and Crop Newsletter, April 26, 2002)

Tillage Options for Corn in a Wet Spring (Ontario CropPest Newsletter, May, 2002)

Potash Placement in No-till Corn (09/99)

Fall Strip Tillage in Ontario

Tillage Systems on Clay Soils: 1998 Project Report to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Fall Disking Options, 1997

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