March 24, 2019
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  The Agronomy faculty provide students an excellent education which delivers the foundation, motivation and continuing support for a lifetime of learning. Students learn to think, question established dogma, and develop interpersonal skills.



Environmental Soil Science

If you would like to understand how toxic and hazardous wastes, sludges, metals, fertilizers, pesticides, and animal wastes impact the environment, then you should enroll in the Department of Agronomy Environmental Soil Science option. This option prepares graduates for exciting and rewarding careers in environmental soil science. The environmental soil scientist is a technically educated individual who protects and improves the environment. As national interest in the quality of our environment increases, opportunities for environmental soil scientists will continue to grow.

Employment Opportunities

The job opportunities are numerous and encompass a broad range of possibilities in government, environmental consulting firms, public health services, and federal research laboratories. Students are especially qualified for graduate study in environmental sciences, soil microbiology, soil chemistry, and soil physics.

Summer Employment and Summer Internships

A formal internship program is available at Purdue for students who desire to earn credit while employed during the summer. An internship is not required to earn a B.S. degree but is encouraged. Prospective employers look very favorably on job applicants who have completed a formal internship. Internship opportunities exist across Indiana and the country.

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