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Environmental Quality Organizations List for Indiana

Environmental Quality Organizations List for Indiana

We are starting to build a list of organizations with an interest in the environmental quality of Indiana. Our goal is to include contact people

Links to State and Federal Organizations:


The Purdue University Environmental Science and Engineering Institute
The Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service Agriculture and Natural Resources Page.
Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service
Conservation Technology Information Center
Purdue University Agronomy Department-Laboratory for Soil Microbiology
Purdue University Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department


Indiana Department of Natural Resources- Division of Water.
IDEM Office of Water Management Home Page.
Office of the Indiana State Chemist (OISC).

Access Indiana Information Network
Division of Water, DNR
WATERLINES Jan - June 1995


The USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service
The National Watershed Network has a wide range of resources available here.
The Watershed Video Segments are educational video segments about watersheds.


The Ground Water Protection Council's web page branches to an excellent list of groundwater-related servers, (GWPC's Links to other WWW Sites.) as well as several forums, including the wellhead protection forum and agricultural runoff forum.
The Environmental Professional's Guide to the Net contains a wide array of links.

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