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United States Geological Survey
USGS Indiana Water Resources
Bibliography of Indiana Water Resources Publications by County:
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    The Indiana Geological Survey.
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    (812) 855-7636
    The Indiana Geological Survey publications for this area:
    PEM73A    Lake County  Petroleum Exploration map showing well locations and total depths: ($2.00 each)         

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    The Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Water.
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    Department of Natural Resources
    Division of Water
    402 West Washington St., Rm. W264
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

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    The Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Water publications for this area:

    Water Resource Availability Reports
    Catalog # Publications Date Cost
    Basin Studies 103 90-3 Water Resource Availability in the Kankakee River Basin 1990 $7.50
    Basin Studies 104 94-4 Water Resource Availability in the Lake Michigan Region 1994 $7.50
    Flood Plain Mapping 2' Contour (1"=2000') All maps are $1.50 per sheet
    Catalog # Map Name # of Sheets
    301 Little Calumet River 50
    354 Kankakee River 38
    Ground Water Publications
    Catalog # Publication DateCost
    507 Bulletin #10 Ground Water Resources Lake County 1961 out of print
    528 Bulletin #31 Geohydrology and Ground Water Potential of Lake County 1968 out of print
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    The Environment, Planning, and Regulation Publication Listing, of the Center for Urban Policy and the Environment (IUPUI-SPEA):
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    Publications on this area:

    1. [93-E02] Controlling Urban Nonpoint Source Pollution in the Grand Calumet River, Indiana Harbor Ship Canal, and Nearshore Lake Michigan Area of Concern:  A Preliminary Assessment by Greg Lindsey....$10.00
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