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Water Resources of the United States
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Department of Natural Resources
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School of Public and Environmental Affairs
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United States Geological Survey
USGS Indiana Water Resources
Bibliography of Indiana Water Resources Publications
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The Indiana Geological Survey.
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The Indiana Geological Survey publications for this area:

RP16 The Mt. Carmel Fault and Related Structural Features in
South-Central Indiana. By W.N. Melhorn and N.M. Smith. 1959. 29 p.,
1 pl., 2 tables.    $3.00

RP21 Seismic Velocities and Synthetic Seismogram Computed from a
Continuous Velocity Log of a Test Well to the Basement Complex in
Lawrence County, Indiana. By M.E. Biggs, R.F. Blakely, and   A.J. 
Rudman.  1960. 15 p., 4 figs. $0.50

SR45 Relict Drainageways Associated with the Glacial Boundary in
Southern Indiana. By H.H. Gray.  1989. 9+ p., 1 pl., 14 figs.    

OP38 The Salem Limestone in the Indiana Building-Stone District. By
J.B. Patton and D.D. Carr. 1982. 31 p., 29 figs., 2 tables. $1.75

OP61 Exposures of Silurian Reefs in Indiana. Compiled and annotated
by C.H. Ault. 1992. 29 p.     $2.50

B7   Industrial Sands of the Indiana Dunes. By C.L. Bieber and N.M.
Smith. 1952. 31 p., 6 pls.    $1.00

OP11 The Stone Creek Section, a Historical Key to the Glacial
Stratigraphy of West-Central Indiana. By N.K. Bleuer. 1975. 9 p.,
5 figs.   $0.75

RP7 PL1   Map Showing Thickness of Drift in Indiana North  of 
Wisconsin Glacial Boundary. By W. J.  Wayne.  1956. Scale, 
1:500,000.     $2.00

SR2  Geology of the Upper Patoka Drainage Basin. By H.H. Gray.
1963. 23 p., 6 figs.     $1.00

SR3  Geology of the Upper East Fork Drainage Basin, Indiana. By
A.F. Schneider and H.H. Gray. 1966. 55 p., 12 figs., 4 tables.   

SR33 Trepostome Bryozoa from the Dillsboro Formation (Cincinnatian
Series) of Southeastern Indiana. By G.D. Brown, Jr., and E.J. Daly.
1985. 95 p., 12 pls., 1 fig., 26 tables.     $6.50

OP34 Conodonts from the Vienna Limestone Member of the Branchville
Formation (Chesterian) in Southern Indiana. By C.B. Rexroad. 1981.
16 p.,  2 pls., 1 fig., 1  table.  $1.75

OP39 Conodonts from the Everton Dolomite and the St. Peter
Sandstone (Lower Middle Ordovician) in a Core from Southwestern
Indiana. By C.B. Rexroad, J.B. Droste, and R.L. Ethington. 1982. 13
p., 2 pls., 7 figs., 1 table. $2.00

RP30 Glacial Lake Deposits in Southern Indiana - Engineering
Problems and Land Use. By H.H. Gray. 1971. 15 p., 1 pl., 8 figs.,
1 table.  $0.75

OP53 The Ordovician-Silurian Unconformity in Southeastern Indiana. 
By A.P. Laferriere, D.E. Hattin, C.J. Foell, and T.F. Abdulkareem.
1986. 12 p., 13 figs.    $1.50

GB14 Architectural Elements and Paleoecology of Carbonate Shoal and
Intershoal Deposits in the Salem Limestone (Mississippian) in
South-Central Indiana. Edited by T.A. Thompson. 1990. 75 p., 36
figs., 3 tables.    $5.00

RGM  (Supplemental Chart)  Properties and Uses of Geologic
Materials in Indiana. Compiled by H.H. Gray. 1973.     $0.75

B23  Arenaceous Foraminifera from the Brassfield Limestone (Albion)
of Southeastern Indiana. By M.C. Mound. 1961.  38  p.,  3  pls., 
5  figs., 3 tables. $1.50

B26  Bryozoans from the Glen Dean Limestone (Middle Chester) of
Southern Indiana and Kentucky. By T.G. Perry and A.S. Horowitz.
1963. 51 p., 9 pls., 1 fig., 15 tables. $1.50

B41  Conodonts from the Jacobs Chapel Bed (Mississippian) of the
New Albany Shale in Southern Indiana.  By C.B. Rexroad.  1969.  55 
p.,  9  pls.,  2  figs.,  1 table. $2.00

B56  Polypora M'Coy from the Devonian of Southeastern Indiana. By
J.F. Stratton and A.S. Horowitz. 1977. 48 p., 4 pls., 3 figs.    

OP24 Late Silurian and Early Devonian Sedimentologic History of
Southwestern Indiana. By L.E. Becker and J.B. Droste. 1978. 14 p.,
5 figs.   $1.50

OP25 Buffalo Wallow Group - Upper Chesterian (Mississippian) of
Southern Indiana. By H.H. Gray. 1978. 28 p., 4 figs.   $1.00

NRC2 Faulting and Jointing in and near Surface Mines of
Southwestern Indiana. Prepared by C.H. Ault, D. Harper, C.R. Smith,
and M.A. Wright for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Report
No. NUREG/CR-4117. 1985.  27 p., 18 figs.    $2.50

GB13 A Field Guide to  the  Mt. Carmel Fault of Southern Indiana.
By R.H. Shaver and G.S. Austin. 1972. 25 p., 10 figs.  $0.75

B51  Stratigraphy and Conodont Paleonotology of the Sanders Group
(Mississippian) in Indiana and Adjacent Kentucky. By R.S. Nicoll
and C.B. Rexroad. 1975. 36 p., 6 pls, 2 figs., 1 table.     $2.00

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Water Resource Availability Reports
Catalog # Publications Date Cost
Basin Studies 102 88-2 Water Resource Availability in the Whitewater River Basin 1987 $5.00

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Publications on this area:

  1. [95-E03] Urban Nonpoint Source Pollution Control in Indiana: An Assessment by Dana Ulrich....$10.00
  2. [95-E05] The Wetlands Initiative Project Evaluation Interim Report: Results of Survey of Project Advisors by Greg Lindsey....$10.00
  3. [95-E16] Discussion Paper for the NAWC Water Policies Forum by Janice Beecher....$15.00
  4. [95-E18] 1995 Inventory Commission-Regulated Water and Wastewater Utilities by Janice Beecher....$15.00
  5. [96-W03] White Paper #3 - Local Authority for Managing Storm Water at the Watershed Level in Indiana by Joseph Rubleske....$2.50
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