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Current Projects and Collaborators


Geochemical Controls on the adsorption, bioavailability, and long term fate of dioxins, PCBs, and PAHs.  S.A. Boyd, B.J. Teppen, C.T. Johnston, H. Li, T. Pinnavaia.  National Institute of Health.  2006-2011. Project 7 of Superfund Basic Research Center - NIEHS Grant P42ES004911.  Funded 2006-2011

Fundamental interactions between pesticides and soil minerals.  B.J  Teppen, S. A. Boyd, C. T. Johnston, H. Li, D. Laird USDA National Research Initiative 2004-2007. Total Award 

Carbon exchanges over the organic soils of the Kankakee floodplain: can water management manage the carbon exchange.  R. Grant, C.T. Johnston, L. Bowling and D. Niyogi.  Center for the Environment

Autadaptive design for liquefaction presention.  A. Bobet, M. Santagata, V. Drinevich, and C. T. Johnston 2005-2007.  National Science Foundation
Surface colloidal chemistry related to sorption of ammonium, atrazine and glyphosate.  ARS-USDA Specific Cooperative Agreement 2006-2008

New approach for improving phosphorus acquisition and aluminum tolerance of plants on marginal soils.  R. Raghothama, C.T. Johnston, D.G. Schulze.  McKnight Foundation. 2003-2011


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