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The Chat 'n Chew Cafe was developed in 1995 by RL (Bob) Nielsen, Purdue University Extension Specialist, as an online source of timely agronomic information for major field crops grown in Indiana and throughout the Midwest. The Cafe was recently renovated using a more modern CSS framework, based on the open-source W3.CSS stylesheet language, available at http://www.w3schools.com/w3css If your browser has any problems displaying these renovated pages or if you have any other comments / concerns about this Web site, please contact me at rnielsen@purdue One quirk I am aware of on tablet or smartphone displays is that these dropdown menus do not automatically disappear when you press elsewhere on the screen. I am looking for a solution for this. In the meantime, refreshing the browser will remove the dropdowns.

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(13 - 16 Feb)
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(20 Feb)
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Stevens Point, WI. Organized by Wisconsin Extension.
(20 - 21 Feb)
Midwest Women In Ag Conference
Swan Lake Resort, Plymouth, IN. Organized by Purdue Extension. Save the date.
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Michiana Irrigated Corn and Soybean Production Workshop
Blue Gate Restaurant, Shipshewana, IN. Organized by Michigan State Extension & Purdue Extension. Supported by the Indiana Soybean Alliance, Indiana Corn Marketing Council, Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee, Corn Marketing Program of Michigan, Michigan State University Extension and Purdue University Extension. Preregistration encouraged by 28 Feb.
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Near Vincennes, IN. Organized by Purdue Extension.
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The Chat 'n Chew Cafe offers an up-to-date "menu" with the latest crop production newsletters and news releases compiled from universities and other public Web sites across the U.S., listed in order beginning with the most recently published news. The Cafe is owned and operated by your friendly neighborhood Extension corn specialist at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Comments sent to him at rnielsen at purdue.edu are gladly received, always read, and frequently acted upon.

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Current News & Information

You may need to "reload" or "refresh" your browser screen to display the latest articles. When in doubt whether information you find here is applicable to your geographic area, please contact the author(s) of the articles or consult with your own university Extension specialists.

(11 Feb)
Iowa Integrated Crop Management Newsletter
Iowa State Univ.
(11 Feb)
the Bulletin:
Pest mgmt & crop developmt information for Illinois
Univ. of Illinois
(11 Feb)
USDA Reports Provide Little Support for Corn and Soybeans
Todd Hubbs, Univ of Illinois Farmdoc.daily
(8 Feb)
Nebraska Crop Watch Newsletter
Univ. of Nebraska.
(8 Feb)
Kansas Agronomy E-update
Kansas State Univ.
  • Topdressing canola: How to maximize the benefits
  • Marestail in soybeans: Strategies for the best control
  • Late-winter preplant applications for kochia control
  • Ag-Climate Update for January 2019 - New look and features
  • Learn about the new monthly Kansas Ag-Climate Update
(6 Feb)
Nutrient Management Podcast: a conversation on sulfur
Fabian Fernandez, Dan Kaiser and Jeff Vetch, Univ. of Minnesota
(6 Feb)
Soybean Seed Quality Considerations for 2019
Carl Bradley, University of Kentucky; Daren Mueller, Iowa State University; Damon Smith, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Shawn Conley, University of Wisconsin-Madison; and Kiersten Wise, University of Kentucky
(5 Feb)
As a Cover Crop, How Does Wheat Compare to Cereal Rye?
Erin Haramoto, KyGrains.info, Univ of Kentucky
(5 Feb)
Ohio C.O.R.N. Newsletter
The Ohio State Univ.
  • Weather Outlook The LL-GT27 soybean – what’s legal?
  • Double-Crop Soybean Yields after Barley in Northwest Ohio
  • American Society of Agronomy Webinar Series on Fusarium Head Blight
  • Learn More about eFields at Regional Meetings
  • Intensive Soybean Management Workshop - Clinton County
  • Northeast Ohio Agronomy School Slated for February 20, 2019
  • Cover Crop Resources from Purdue
  • Northern Ohio Crops Day
  • Ohio Intensive Soybean Management Workshop - Hardin County
(5 Feb)
Hold on to Your Insecticide Sprays to Manage Aphids in Wheat in the Harsh Winter of 2019
Raul Villanueva, KyGrains.info, Univ of Kentucky
(5 Feb)
Assessing the Spring 2019 Kentucky Winter Wheat Condition
Carrie Knott, KyGrains.info, Univ of Kentucky
(5 Feb)
Nitrogen Management for Wheat in 2019
Edwin Ritchey, KyGrains.info, Univ of Kentucky
(1 Feb)
Nebraska Crop Watch Newsletter
Univ. of Nebraska.
(1 Feb)
What source of sulfur is right for you?
Dan Kaiser, Univ. of Minnesota
(1 Feb)
Iowa Integrated Crop Management Newsletter
Iowa State Univ.
(31 Jan)
Michigan Extension Field Crops News
Michigan State Univ.
(29 Jan)
Field Performance of Seed Treatments and Soil Insecticides for Corn Rootworm Control
Nick Seiter and Joe Spencer, Univ. Illinois.
(28 Jan)
How Many Soybean Acres Do We Need in 2019?
Todd Hubbs, Univ of Illinois Farmdoc.daily
(25 Jan)
Nebraska Crop Watch Newsletter
Univ. of Nebraska.
(23 Jan)
Ohio C.O.R.N. Newsletter
The Ohio State Univ.
  • 2019 Outlook Meetings to be held Across Ohio
  • Northern Ohio Crops Day
  • Certified Livestock Manager Training February 6th & 7th
  • Changes to labeling for Engenia (BASF), XtendiMax (Monsanto) and FeXapan (DuPont) for 2019
  • OSU Agronomy Workshop for Crop Consultants
  • Is Foliar Feeding an Economical Way for Organic Dairy Farmers to Boost the Quality and Quantity of Forages?
  • Optimizing Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation to Increase Ohio Strawberry Productivity
(18 Jan)
Nebraska Crop Watch Newsletter
Univ. of Nebraska.
(18 Jan)
Despite local Bt resistance, growers still have options
Joe Spencer, Univ. of Illinois
(17 Jan)
Manure applied on frozen soil or snow - what will happen to my nitrogen?
Melissa Wilson, Univ. of Minnesota
(17 Jan)
Michigan Extension Field Crops News
Michigan State Univ.
(15 Jan)
Updated list of aphid-resistant soybean varieties available for Minnesota
Siddhi Bhusal, Anthony Hanson, Aaron Lorenz and Robert Koch, Univ. of Minnesota
(11 Jan)
Nebraska Crop Watch Newsletter
Univ. of Nebraska.
(11 Jan)
Michigan Extension Field Crops News
Michigan State Univ.
(7 Jan)
Ohio C.O.R.N. Newsletter
The Ohio State Univ.
  • 2018 eFields Research Report Available January 9th
  • Winter Application of Manure
  • 2018 Northwest Ohio Corn Silage Test
  • Last Week to Register for NW Ohio Corn-Soybean Day in Archbold on January 18
  • Northwest Ohio Crops Day A Great Opportunity for NW OH
  • Coshocton and Muskingum County Extension for the 2019 Agronomy School
  • Wyandot Agronomy Day
  • Conservation Tillage Club Breakfast Series
(7 Jan)
Refocus on Wheat
Jochum Wiersma, Univ. of Minnesota
(7 Jan)
Winter Barley
Jochum Wiersma and Becky Zhong, Univ. of Minnesota
(3 Jan)
Iowa Integrated Crop Management Newsletter
Iowa State Univ.
(3 Jan)
The Geography of High Corn Yields
Gary Schnitkey, Univ of Illinois Farmdoc.daily
(21 Dec)
The Effect of Tar Spot on Corn Hybrids in Wisconsin in 2018
Damon Smith, Brian Mueller, Joe Lauer, Kent Kohn, Thierno Diallo; Univ. Wisconsin
(18 Dec)
Ohio C.O.R.N. Newsletter
The Ohio State Univ.
  • Results of the Ohio Crop Performance Trials Available Online
  • 2018 Forage Performance Trials Available
  • Transitional No-Till
  • Register Now! Precision U: In-Season Decisions
  • West Ohio Agronomy Day
  • West Central Ohio Weed Science Day
(18 Dec)
Reducing Bt trait acres in 2019 MN corn production? Implications for European corn borer
Bruce Potter, Ken Ostlie, and Bill Hutchinson, Univ. of Minnesota
(17 Dec)
Glyphosate Resistance Confirmed in Common Ragweed from Columbia County, Wisconsin
Joe Zimbric and Dan Stolteberg, Univ. Wisconsin
(17 Dec)
Drying Late-harvested Soybeans?
Sam McNeill, KyGrains.info, Univ of Kentucky
(17 Dec)
Cover Crops And Weed Seeds – A Study Of Lab Results Over Three Years
Don Robison, Seed Administrator, Office of Indiana State Chemist.
(17 Dec)
Dicamba Buffers, Training and Licensing: What to Know for 2019
Aaron Hager, Univ. of Illinois

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Univ. of Nebraska
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Univ. of Wisconsin (Corn)
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Other states' variety trials (corn)
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Corn Stalk Nitrate Tests – Research and Recommendation Update (IN)
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Indiana CCA Conference
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North Central Extension-Industry Soil Fertility Conference
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