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Twisted Whorl Symptoms in Corn

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These images depict the phenomenon known as 'twisted whorl' in corn. The first four images were taken 26 May 2000 of corn that was at the leaf stage V4 (four visible leaf collars). Several days before, no twisted whorls were seen in the field.

The final three images were taken in 1996 of corn that was several leaves older in development.

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Image 1:
Three plants
Three plants in a row with twisted whorls, surrounded by plants with 'normal' whorls. Plants are about leaf stage V4.
Image 2:
Twisted whorl
Closer view of plant with twisted whorl. Plants are about leaf stage V4.
Image 3:
Twisted whorl
Whole plant view. Plants are about leaf stage V4.
Image 4:
Crinkled leaves
Closeup view of crinkled leaves bound tightly in whorl.
Image 5:

Older plant (about V6) with similar symptom.
Image 6:

'Yellow tops' visible in field after twisted whorls finally unwrap.
Image 7:

Closeup of yellow leaf after whorl unwrapped.
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