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Nielsen's CNN Articles - 2010

R.L. (Bob) Nielsen
Agronomy Dept., Purdue Univ.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2054
Email address: rnielsen at
  1. Hybrid Selection: Where's the Beef? (Oct)
  2. Yield Monitor Calibration: Garbage In, Garbage Out (Aug)
  3. Field Drydown of Mature Corn Grain (Aug)
  4. Corn Ear Damage Caused by Bird Feeding (Aug)
  5. Reddish-Purple Corn Plants Late in the Season (Aug)
  6. Tassel-Ears in Corn (Aug)
  7. Popped Kernels and Silk Cut (Aug)
  8. Walk Corn Hybrid Plots in August (Aug)
  9. Stress During Grain Fill: A Harbinger of Stalk Health Problems (Aug)
  10. Estimating Corn Grain Yield Prior to Harvest (Aug)
  11. Navigating Through the Grain Fill Period (July)
  12. Grain Fill Stages in Corn (July)
  13. Tassel Emergence & Pollen Shed (July)
  14. Silk Development and Emergence in Corn (July)
  15. Death by Drowning (June)
  16. Soil Sampling for Assessing Plant Available N Following Excessive Rain or Flooding (June)
  17. Notched Leaf Edges in Corn (June)
  18. "Safe" Hybrid Maturities for Late Corn Planting in Indiana (June)
  19. Some Ugly Ducklings Grow Up to be Ugly Ducks, Not Beautiful Swans (June)
  20. Wrapped and Twisted Whorls in Corn (May)
  21. A Compendium of Biotech Corn Traits (May)
  22. Prevalent Purple Plants Perennially Puzzle Producers (May)
  23. Corn and the Ugly Duckling (May)
  24. Heat Unit Concepts Related to Corn Development (May)
  25. Determining Corn Leaf Stages (May)
  26. Effects of Flooding or Ponding on Young Corn (May)
  27. Frosty Corn, Toasted Plants (Apr)
  28. Rootless or "Floppy" Corn Syndrome (Apr)
  29. Root Development in Young Corn (Apr)
  30. Emergence Process in Corn (Apr)
  31. Germination Events in Corn (Apr)
  32. Visible Indicators of Germination in Corn (Apr)
  33. Requirements for Uniform Germination and Emergence of Corn (Apr)
  34. Choose Wisely……Avoid unprofitable strategies to manage moldy grain (Feb)
  35. Nitrogen Management Update for Indiana (Jan)