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Although well-adapted to Indiana climate and soils, grain sorghum is a minor crop in the state. Since Purdue has conducted relatively little agronomic research on this crop, links are provided to grain sorghum information from other states where the crop is grown more widely. If you have questions about the geographic or climatic adaptability of the information from other states, contact the Purdue specialist listed to the left of this paragraph..

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Indiana-specific information

Grain Sorghum: Background Information
Center for New Crops & Plant Products, Purdue University
Grain Sorghum Considerations for Late Planting in Southern Indiana
A Corny News Network article.
Harvesting and Drying Grain Sorghum (AE-82)
Performance of Commercial Grain Sorghum Hybrids in Indiana
Statewide trials of commercially available varieties of sorghum.

Sources of Seed Sorghum

Dekalb and Asgrow Brands
Mycogen Seeds
NC+ Hybrids
Pioneer Hi-Bred International

Books & Stuff

APS Press
(American Phytopathological Society)
C.H.I.P.S. Publishing
Iowa State Univ. Press

Information from other sources

North Dakota
US Grains Council

Sorghum Commodity Organizations

National Sorghum Producers
National Sweet Sorghum Producers and Processors Association
Nebraska Grain Sorghum Producers Association
Kansas Grain Sorghum Association

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