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Water Quality Research Facilities

Field Scale Facilities provide a "laboratory" for Field Scale Studies.

Two outdoor laboratories designed to study agricultural effects on surface and subsurface water quality.

The Department of Agronomy maintains two fully-instrumented field stations which allow graduate study and research in:

Soil Ecology

Pesticide Transport

Crop System Management

Nutrient Cycling

Near West Lafayette the Agronomy Department operates the 951-acre Agronomy Research Center (ARC). The Water Quality Field Station (WQFS) is located there.
 Visit the WQFS page to view the animated gif explaining how our tipping bucket flowmeters work!

At a Purdue facility located near Butlerville, Indiana, in Jennings County, water quality related research is conducted at a field station, the Experimental Drainage Project, which is located at SEPAC, the Southeast-Purdue Agricultural Center.

Using test plots large enough to accommodate real agricultural practices, each site has data-logging instrumentation which records local rainfall, soil water flow, and triggers automatic sample collectors.

Collected samples are analyzed in various labs studying nutrient, tracer, pesticide, and metabolite transport.

These two sites are operated in conjunction with researchers in Agronomy, Botany & Plant Pathology, Agricultural Economics, and Agricultural & Biological Engineering.

Other programs underway in Agronomy which involve water quality issues include characterizing the effects of tile drainage on soil ecology and studying the effects on agriculture of land-use planning decisions such as urbanization of rural fringes.

More Information on Facilities and Programs
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Purdue Agronomy Water Quality Research Facilities:

Water Quality Field Station, ARC.

SEPAC's Experimental Drainage Field.

The Laboratory for Soil Microbiology.

Indiana's Hydrologic Unit Area Water Quality Projects:

HUA General Description of Hydrologic Unit areas

Upper Tippecanoe River Water Quality Project

Tri-County Water Quality Project


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Indiana's Wellhead Protection Rule and Water Quality.

Community Wellhead Protection.

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Marion County
Wellhead Protection

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Elkhart County Wellhead Protection

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