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Nielsen's CNN Articles - 2007

R.L. (Bob) Nielsen
Agronomy Dept., Purdue Univ.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2054
Email address: rnielsen at
  1. Nitrogen Management Update 2008 (Dec)
  2. Mitigate the Downside Risks of Corn Following Corn (Nov)
  3. Symptomology of Arrested Ear Development in Corn (Sep)
  4. Monitor Corn Fields for Weakened or Diseased Stalks (Aug)
  5. Hybrid Selection: Where's the Beef? (Aug)
  6. Multiple Ears on the Same Shank (July)
  7. Potential for Corn Recovery from Drought Stress? (July)
  8. Kernel Set Scuttlebutt (July)
  9. Estimating Corn Grain Yield Prior to Harvest (July)
  10. Corn Fungicide Hoopla (July)
  11. Assessing Effects of Drought on Corn Grain Yield? (July)
  12. Grain Fill Stages in Corn (July)
  13. A Fast & Accurate Pregnancy Test for Corn (July)
  14. Tassel Emergence & Pollen Shed (July)
  15. Silk Emergence (July)
  16. Ear Size Determination in Corn (June)
  17. Growing Points of Interest (May)
  18. Growing Point Location in Corn at Different Growth Stages (May)
  19. Recovery From Hail Damage to Young Corn (May)
  20. Recovery From Hail Damage (May)
  21. Be on the Alert for Floppy, Rootless Corn (May)
  22. Prevalent Purple Plants Puzzle Producers (May)
  23. Variable Emergence Due to Variable Seedbed Moisture (May)
  24. Root Development in Young Corn (May)
  25. The Emergence Process in Corn (Apr)
  26. Coleoptile Appearance During Emergence (Apr)
  27. Germination Events in Corn (Apr)
  28. Visible Indicators of Germination in Corn (Apr)
  29. Requirements for Uniform Germination and Emergence of Corn (Apr)
  30. Tips for Staging Corn with Severe Leaf Damage (Apr)
  31. Use Thermal Time to Predict Leaf Stage Development in Corn (Apr)
  32. Determining Corn Leaf Stages (Apr)
  33. Heat Unit Concepts Related to Corn Development (Apr)
  34. Perspective on Planting Dates & Corn Yield Potential (Apr)
  35. Considerations for Planting Corn into Damaged Fields of Wheat (Apr)
  36. Cold Temperatures & Early Planted, Emerged Corn (Apr)
  37. Corn Yield Trends in Indiana: 1930 - 2007 (Jan)