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Nielsen's CNN Articles - 2011

R.L. (Bob) Nielsen
Agronomy Dept., Purdue Univ.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2054
Email address: rnielsen at


  1. Test Weight Issues in Corn (Oct)
  2. Delayed Corn Grain Maturity & Frost / Freeze Worries (Sep)
  3. Field Drydown of Mature Corn Grain (Sep)
  4. Top Leaf Death or "Dieback" in Corn (Sep)
  5. Predicting Corn Grain Maturity Dates for Delayed Plantings (Aug)
  6. Interpreting Hybrid Maturity Ratings (Aug)
  7. Stress During Grain Fill: A Harbinger of Stalk Health Problems (Aug)
  8. Estimating Corn Grain Yield Prior to Harvest (Aug)
  9. Are Your Ears (of corn) Sagging? (Aug)
  10. Short Husks & Exposed Ears (Aug)
  11. The "Zipper" Pattern of Kernel Abortion in Corn (Aug)
  12. Effects of Stress During Grain Filling in Corn (Aug)
  13. Kernel Set Scuttlebutt (Aug)
  14. An Example of "Recovery" From Severe Root-Lodging (July)
  15. Prospects of Recovery for Root-Lodged Corn (July)
  16. Tassel Emergence & Pollen Shed (July)
  17. Silk Development and Emergence in Corn (July)
  18. Response of Corn to Late-season Nitrogen Application (June)
  19. Wrapped & Twisted Whorls in Corn (June)
  20. Recovery From Hail Damage to Young Corn (June)
  21. Effects of Flooding or Ponding on Young Corn (May)
  22. Assessing Available Nitrogen from Fall- and Spring-Applied Nitrogen Applications (May)
  23. "Safe" Hybrid Maturities for Delayed Corn Planting in Indiana (May)
  24. Thoughts on Seeding Rates for Corn (Apr)
  25. Corn Planting Date is Important, but... (Apr)
  26. Nitrogen Management Update for Indiana (Jan)