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This page contains sections with subheadings:

  1. Purdue Online resources in water quality.
  2. Pesticides and Microbiology
  3. Databases and GIS layers
  4. Wellhead Protection related sites.
  5. warning- under constructionNational Online resources (and publication sources) in environmental quality.
These are intended to be connections to data or data sources, while links to State and Federal organizations can be found on our contact page.

Here are several locations to browse if you are interested in

on-line water quality resources at Purdue University.

  • Purdue CES Agriculture and Natural Resources Home Page
    This page contains loads of useful links.
  • WETnet is a resource including databases, browsers, software, and versions of proposed legislation relating to water quality in Indiana.

    Some specific WETnet sites:

    Another comprehensive resource is the Purdue-CSREES USDA Water Quality Information Project.
    This is a national extension water quality database. It contains a wealth of information, much of which is aimed at educators.

    Information on water quality related legislation is available through searching the Water Quality Information Project, and also through a Cooperative Extension gopher.

    Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service (CES) has produced a wide selection of water quality brochures, which are viewable at either: WQ pubs site A or WQ Publications site B

    The Purdue Pesticide Programs group of CES has produced a series of documents providing an in-depth look at principles, policies, and programs relating pesticides and water quality:
    Pesticides and Water Quality, PPP-35

    Other on-line extension reports which discuss practices that impact water quality are:
    ID-142 Operating and Maintaining the Home Septic System
    ID-163 Steps in Constructing a Mound (Bed-Type) Septic System,
    found at: Interdisciplinary reports

    Purdue Agronomy and CES maintain the Indiana Land Use Planning Resource Center which has links to Indiana land-use and waste-management legislation as well as national environmental sites and agencies. CES and Purdue's Department of Agricultural Economics maintains a site which has resources for rural areas:
    The Center for Rural Development

    The Indiana Water Resources Research Center is a member institute in the National Water Research Institute Program. Their program is "based on research, student training, and technology transfer...a unique network ...of expertise relating to water resources." The webspot leads to a browser which catalogs technical journal articles written by national member institutes.

    The IWRRC is a member institute of the Purdue University Environmental Science and Engineering Institute. This is an interdisciplinary organization intended to facilitate the study of environmental questions, including water quality. Go to ESEI homepage.

    If you are looking for information on pesticides, the Purdue Dept. of Entomology maintains
    CERIS, the Center for Environmental and Regulatory Systems
    This center provides searchable databases on pesticide properties.

    An interesting water quality webspot is Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP).
    This is a soil erosion-water quality page. Note though, it begins with a lot of graphics.

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    Pesticides and Microbiology

    EXTOXNET - The EXtension TOXicology NETwork
    ChemFinder Searching
    EPA Microbiology Home Page
    Conversion of Units / Umrechnung von Einheiten
    Atrazine Degradation Pathway
    Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database
    The Center for Microbial Ecology
    Microbiology and Microbial Ecology Sites
    Microbial Ecology

    Data Base and GIS Information

    INGIS - The IN Geographic Information Server.
    WETnet database of GIS data on the INGIS server.
    USGS node of the National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse
    NRCS Soil Survey Geographic (SSURGO) Data Base
    NRCS State Soil Geographic (STATSGO) Data Base
    USGS Geo DataU.S. Geological Survey - National Mapping Information - EROS Data Center.
    National Geological Resources
    Digital Databases Available through CSD and CALMIT NEBRASKA GIS DATA

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    Wellhead Protection Resources

    If you are interested in Wellhead Protection Resources we have an extensive list at: Wellhead Protection Resource Page.

    We also have a detailed look at the new Indiana wellhead protection program.

    An onlinet copy of the 1996 IDEM Indiana Wellhead Protection Plan is available to read or download on WETNET.
    Go to Wellhead Protection Plan Information Site.

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