Recent "Power Point" Extension Presentations to Agricultural Audiences



1 "Best Management Practices for Relay Cropping of Soybean into Winter Wheat”.  Presented by Dr. Tony J. Vyn to the Indiana Crop Advisor Conference, Dec. 16-17, 2003, Indianapolis, Indiana.  This conference was co-sponsored by Purdue University Extension and Indiana Certified Crop Advisors. 


2“Preferred K Placement Choices for Corn in High Yield and Conservation Tillage Systems”.  Presentation made to the Illinois Certified Crop Advisors Conference in Springfield, Illinois on Dec. 18, 2003. 


3“Polymer Seed Coatings for Early Planting of Corn in Indiana?”.  Presentation made to Indiana Crop Improvement Association Annual Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Feb. 4-5, 2004.  


4.  “Preferred K Placement Choices for Corn and Soybean in Conservation Tillage Systems”.  Presentation made to Brookside Society of Professional Consultants at their Winter Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, on February 16, 2004.


5 “Strip Tillage: A Closer Look from Both Sides” (from the perspective of Ontario and Indiana experiences).  Presentation made to the Annual Meeting of the Innovative Farmers Association, February 16-18, 2004, in London, Ontario, Canada.


6“Is Strip Tillage A Viable Option for the Northern Great Plains?”.  Presented to the Advanced Crop Advisers Workshop, February 19-20, 2004, in Fargo, North Dakota.


7.  “Emergence Uniformity in Corn: Is it Essential for Ear Size Consistency and Improved Yield?”  Presented by Dr. Tony Vyn to the North-Central Branch Meeting of the American Society of Agronomy, held on March 16-17, 2004 in Moline, IL.


8.  "Conservation Tillage Systems for Corn on Corn: Midwest Perspectives"  Presented by Dr. Tony Vyn on January 30-31, 2007 in Sioux Falls, SD.


9. “Tillage Systems to Sustain Soil and Yield in Continuous Corn”, presented January 3, 2008 at the Ohio Crop Production

     Conference, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.


10. “Strip-Till Corn Production Systems:  The Known and the Unknown”, presented January 4, 2008 at the Advanced Crop Management CCA Workshop, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH


11. Nutrient Placement using RTK Guidance in Corn Production Systems” Presented by Dr. Tony J. Vyn at the Indiana Certified Crop Advisor Conference held December 15-16, 2009 in Indianapolis, IN.


12. "Managing Residue and Tillage on “Saturated Soils” for Optimum Production in the Short-term and Long-term". .Presentation by Dr. Tony Vyn to the 2010 Illinois Tillage Seminar on Jan. 26, 2010 in Peoria, IL.


13. "Optimizing Tillage Systems in Modern Corn Production: Pointers" presented in Buckley, IL, by Tony J. Vyn (Feb. 25, 2011). 



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